Why Malta?

There is a lot to say about the little gem situated in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea between Africa & Sicily called the Maltese Archipelago and one page is not enough so we choose the best points to explain why you should consider coming and living in our island.

  • Excellent weather all year round where the sunny days can be more than 300 days a year and temperatures rarely go below 10 degrees Celsius.
  • Dotted with historical sites and cultural activities from the prehistoric temples to the majestic bastions in Valletta.
  • Alive music and entertainment scene offering local and international acts all year round such as the Jazz Festival, MTV music festival and many more
  • Great restaurants and café’s with 3 recently added to the Michelin Guide.
  • Well connected to the rest of Europe with daily flights and future plans to expand the airport and a daily ferry to Sicily.
  • Superb diving and water sport destination and events such as the yearly Middlesea Yacht race.
  • People are very hospitable and friendly.
  • Low crime rate and safe neighbourhoods.
  • Politically and economically stable. Malta has been an independent country since 1964 and republic since 1974. Since the 1990’s the island has seen a constant economic growth and infrastructure investments.
  • Maltese & English are the official languages and Italian is fluently spoken. There are various communities on the island the largest being English, Italian, Serbian.
  • Excellent medical services both public and private.
  • Schooling is of very high standards in English speaking schools and University.
  • The property market is healthy and steady.
  • Low property taxes and virtually no taxed beyond purchasing a property.