With over 20 year experience in the property market, we are able to give you accurate information of the current value of your property.

Our in-depth researched system provides an accurate forecast of future as well as current value.

What factors do we look into when doing a valuation?

  • Location
  • Year of construction
  • Property Size
  • Advantages & Disadvantages within the property and surrounding area
  • Potential of the property ( to convert into commercial or adding more floors)
  • Planning Permits
Our Fees

Free Property Valuation –
We offer free appraisals to those who wish to register their property with our agency.

Property Valuation Basic –
Should you wish to value your property but do not wish to put in on the market yet there is a charge of €50 excluding VAT per property, if within 12 months of the valuation you decide to list the property with us and we sell the property , this fee will be refunded.

Should this valuation be used for court proceedings and will need one of our representatives the testify the is a fee of €50 per hour for every court hearing involving us.

Architect Valuation –
A valuation provided by an estate agent is for your own information only and can guide you when it comes market value. However, this is not a legally binding document. For any legal purposes, you will need a legally recognised valuation provided by a licensed architect. If you do not have a preferred architect, we can refer you to a number of reputable architects who can help you.