Selling Tips

As with most things in life first impression counts and the same goes for house viewings, a prospective client has a few minutes to feel at home and make an offer or move to the next property. Here are a few tips that can help you sell with fewer viewings possible.

Clutter is one of our worst nightmare, instead of focusing on important features and good qualities of a house client tend to get distracted looking at knickknacks, personal photos and over filled furniture. Put away any unnecessary stuff and let the client take in the best features of the house.

A fresh and well-kept property will leave a very good impression. A whitewash, especially natural colours will make the rooms look bigger and brighter.

Fix and maintain your property as best as possible before accepting viewings, this will make the client observe that the place is well taken care of and ultimately will reflect the offers made.

Open all your curtains and clean your windows to let in as much light as possible. Light is essential to bring out the best features in a house.

Put in some flower or plants. Plants and flower will make the place feel alive, with a very small investment you can get a few hardy plants that will brighten up your  house.

Bad smells are a big turn off for prospective clients, things such as over flowing bins, blocked drains and smelly food are to be avoided at all costs, on the other hand nice smell such as baked cookies, potpourri , flowers and soft scented candles will create a pleasant atmosphere.  

Prior to getting viewings discuss with the agent the best times for viewings to avoid going back and forth with prospective clients.

Now let’s sell your house