Places of Interest

The Parish Church dedicated to our Lady of Sorrows is the outstanding landmark of the old village core. Built in 1900 on a piece of land donated by Anna Bugeja it is officiated by the Franciscan Conventual Friars. It is of Doric style with one bell-tower. Fifteen stained glass windows adorn the church. The paintings are the work of the famous painter Guiseppe Calí.

Wignacourt Tower was built by Grandmaster Wignacourt in 1610 to guard the bay from any sea-borne attack, it was the first of a series of coastal towers. It consists of a square block with thick bomb-proof sloping walls and turrets at the corner. Internally it consists of two barrel-vaulted rooms one on the other, whereas the main entrance was through the doorway on the first floor via a flight of stairs and a drawbridge, both of which no longer exist. It now hosts an exhibition of the knights` fortifications.

Chapel of St. Paul`s Shipwreck (of the bonfire)
This chapel stands on the site where according to tradition the Maltese lit a fire for St. Paul and his companions. It is said that the first church was built in the first century. The roofing of the arcade consists of flat slabs laid upon arched ribs. Six flat saucer domes are built over arched openings that flank both sides of the nave. Three large canvases by Cassarino adorn the inside of the church.

During the Second World War it received a direct hit by an enemy bomb but was rebuilt in the same style.