About St Paul’s Bay

The locality of St Paul’s Bay is one of the largest localities on the island. Its boundaries start from part of Bidnija, and extends to Burmarrad, Wardija, Qawra, Bugibba, St Paul’s Bay centre, Xemxija, Limbordin, Pwales and San Martin. St Paul’s Bay is both a touristic, residential, agricultural and fisherman’s locality. 

It is made up of some particularly beautiful natural and geological features. Similar to other northern regions, the locality can boast of beautiful scenery, made up of large expanses of plateau, high ridge areas, overlooking steep sided valleys and beautiful blue sandy beaches, and rocky promenades. All this is further highlighted by the fact that the region remained practically uncontaminated for millennia. It was only during this last century that the area was “developed”. Fortunately we can still appreciate a lot of its now protected ecology. But San Pawl il-Bahar is also important for its traditions and archeology: an important commercial and agricultural centre from prehistoric times to the 9th century, also bearing the numerous traditions and legends relating to a particular shipwreck that occurred on the coast within the area in 60AD.

In the locality of St Paul's Bay one finds both the Government Primary School and also two private schools, namely San Anton and San Andrea. in St Paul's Bay one also finds the Special Schools for persons with disabilities coming from all over the island.